Therapy & Support

The school benefits from a wide variety of external agencies that support the needs of our students. These include:

Hearing Impairment

Audiologists regularly visit the school to assess the needs of our students. They also give advice and training to staff who work with hearing impaired students.

Visual Impairment

Visually impaired students are seen on a regular basis and assessments are made about their needs in classroom settings. Advice about teaching and learning resources is given to staff, particularly issues relating to the size of written material and also the use of contrasting colours.

Physical Disabilities

The Physical Support Team visit the school on a termly basis and work alongside a small number of students with physical disabilities. Advice is given to parents and staff about the physical needs of students.


The Physiotherapy Team work with a small number of students who need physiotherapy on a regular basis. Often, these are students who have physical disabilities.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

The Paediactric Occupational Therapy Team work with Year 7-9 students and focus on the development of life skills such as eating; washing; being able to dress properly and also fine motor skills.

Transition Occupational Therapist

The Transition Occupational Therapist Team work with our senior students and primarily concentrates on the development of independence. Much of their work involves shopping, road safety and the use of public transport.

Youth Work

The Youth Work Team has successfully run small group sessions for students with low self esteem and a girls group providing an opportunity for all girls across the school to get together in a social setting.