At The Park School Child Protection and Safeguarding are taken very seriously. We have an established system that enables us to identify any student who is suffering from, or is at risk of, possible abuse. We intervene as quickly and effectively as possible.

All staff are trained to recognise the signs that a child may be suffering and understand the importance of reporting any concerns that they may have.

Specific staff have undertaken additional specialised training to safeguard our students.

Our designated safeguarding lead (Lead) is: Paul Walsh

Our designated safeguarding deputies (DSL) are: Sherri Taylor and Michelle Stephenson

The nominated Governor for Safeguarding monitoring is: Lisa Woodward

Schools have a duty to report to Social Services if they have any concerns about a child’s well-being. Often these can be resolved quickly without any further action needing to be taken. We will always work closely with parents where concerns are raised and, in most cases, if a referral needs to be made.

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