School trips feature as an integral part of the curriculum. They are an important method of developing new skills in a kinaesthetic manner. SEN children often find it difficult to visualise new situations and concepts and the opportunity to see things first hand has proven to be an invaluable part of the teaching and learning process. We try to incorporate teaching and learning into all the trips that we do, even those that might be regarded as ‘fun days out’ can be used as opportunities to develop social and life skills.

During the past year we have taken students from the school on a wide variety of trips. The following are just a sample of the diversity of opportunity that exists at The Park School.

  • Skiing in northern Italy. This is an annual one week residential course organised by county for all special schools in Surrey. This trip is open to all students in Years 10 & 11.
  • PGL residential ‘Activity Week’. This year the students in Year 9 spent a week Barton Hall in Torquay, doing a variety of outdoor activities. 
  • Tanners Hatch. Our Year 8 classes spent two days doing a variety of outdoor activities as well as developing their life and social skills. The trip proved to be highly successful.
  • Woodlarks. Children and staff from the school camped overnight. The children particularly enjoyed this because they had to cook all their own food.
  • RHS Wisley. The Gardening Club were rewarded for all their hard work throughout the year with an opportunity to visit this beautiful garden in Surrey.
  • A number of places of worship were visited by the RE Department. These included: a local church, mosque, and synagogue. Students also visited Guildford and Canterbury Cathedrals and ‘The life of Christ’ at Wintershall in Surrey.
  • Students have taken part in a wide range of sporting trips the most important of which is the Surrey Youth Games.