Communication Specialism

The Language Resource forms an integral and important part of the therapeutic provision offered to students at the school. It is staffed by a team of qualified speech and language therapists who are employed by the Local Authority. This provision ensures that the Speech and Language needs of the students are met and that all staff are highly informed in their work with students.

Speech and language therapists work closely with the staff to support the speech, language and communication needs of all students throughout the school. Over the years, the speech and language therapy team have helped the school to embed a ‘language enriched’ curriculum in all lessons which encourages the development of language skills; the learning of new concepts and key vocabulary and a greater understanding of non-verbal expression and inference. One third of our students have Speech, Language and Communication as a primary need on their SEN Education Health & Care Plan and these students receive additional small group and one-to-one therapeutic support as appropriate.

The Speech Therapists have direct involvement in Communication Skills lessons. These lessons are designed to develop our students’ social and communication skills. The Therapists also work closely with teachers in all subject areas.

The therapists assess the expressive and receptive language skills of students as well as their phonological; pragmatic and social skills. They advise staff of the needs of all students and help devise strategies for supporting them in the classroom.

The Therapy Team communicate and liase with parents regularly through phone calls, correspondence, meetings and attendence at Parents’ evenings and through the SEN Annual Review. They are always available to provide support and advice.